Monday, 12 August 2013

Shopping Trip: My picks

 I went shopping but, as usual I had no money. Instead I used my phone to snap some pictures of things i liked to use as inspiration in the future or to make things if I get my hands on some fabrics.
I won't post prices or links because I didn't actually find them online and I didn't look at prices just the clothes themselves. But, the shops I mention are: 'Hollister', 'H&M', 'River Island' and 'Topshop'.

These skirts I found in 'Hollister' and 'H&M'. I love the detail on both! I love mini skirts, I like tucking baggy tops into them and wearing plain ones with more detailed tops and visa versa. 

These two outfits are from the 'Topshop' fitting room. The one on the left has an 'H&M' skirt but, other then that the rest of the clothes were from 'Topshop'. I loved the high-waist pin stripe jeans, they were extremely comfortable and quite flattering (not so much from that angle though.)

I loved the detail on the back of these two 'H&M' dresses, I also love the fabric of the play suit on the right.

It's such a shame and probably a good thing I had no money, otherwise my wardrobe would be overflowing. Thanks for reading. 

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