Sunday, 29 June 2014

DIY hair/ head wrap - Tutorial

This post will show you how to make a really easy head wrap, all you need is some fabric and a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

  • Cut out a rectangle piece of fabric which is 4 by 32 inches

  • Fold it in half length-ways with right sides together. And, if you would like to pin along the raw edge.

  • Now sew along the raw edge, I used a seam allowance of 1/2 inch. Also, leave a gap in the middle so when you're done you can turn it inside out. 

  • When you have sewed the edge, iron the piece but with the seam centered as shown below.

  • When you're done, cut the ends of the fabric into points and sew along the raw edge.

  • Before you turn your piece inside out, cut small notches so the seam does not pucker. I cute mine too deep so I had to resew the seam. 

  • After you've turned your piece inside out. Sew up the hole and iron your piece.

Now you're done! Thank you for reading xxxxx

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