Monday, 30 June 2014

Faux Shaven Side [Hair Style]


I love the look of shaven sides but, I would never want to actually shave the side of my head as I know I would regret it. So, today I will show you all how you can do it without using a razor or cutting your hair off!

You will need some small hair elastics or small butterfly clips, and a hair brush.

  • First, with your hair parted to the side, take a section of hair from behind your ear to the top of your crown and tie the remaining hair securely with a clip or hair tie.

  • Now, part this section into three parts horizontally.

  • Starting from next to the face take a small section from the front and twist, adding pieces after every twist till you've reached the part. (You could also french or dutch braid, but I find my hair is too fine and soft.)

  • Secure each with an elastic or clip and you're done. 

Thank you for reading, please comment any suggestions or feedback! xxxxx

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