Thursday, 26 June 2014

Studying Tips

Hello all,

I have recently finished my second and hopefully last year of A-levels. This post was originally written at the beginning of the year but, I got too caught up and focused on my work, (kind of ironic I guess.) So, the past year has been interesting and I would say my biggest tip is to stay calm and if you have any anxiety or stress learn how to deal with it appropriately.

My general tips are as follows.

Tip #1 - Time management

 - Do assignments and homework the day they are set. This leaves more time to do other things such as revision and going out.

Tip #2 - Motivation

-Friends and chocolate are necessary.

Tip #3 - Other activities

- Have other things to do to have some focus on something else.

Tip #4 - Make lists

- Use lists to stay organised and limit your workload.

 As with anything make sure you stay on top of it all. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices but, in the end they are usually worth making.
Thank you and good luck!!!

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