Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Super Drug: Cocoa Brownie for Brunettes, Dry Shampoo [Review]

I had never tried dry shampoo before trying this one from superdrug. I was pleasantly surprised by it,  I wash my hair on alternate days and the dry shampoo allows the unwashed hair day to be a little more comfortable, and it made my hair have increased volume and body.
The Product

Before and After
One problem I did have was build up. Because the product stays in the hair with all the oils, it starts to feel very thick and heavy. Therefore, I have to wash it the next day.

The product has a brown tint which means that it does not make brown hair look grey, like some others do. I like this feature and the grey tint is part of the reason I have held out so long with trying a dry shampoo. The colour is supposed to wash out of clothes with soap and water, so I tested it.


I sprayed quite a lot of the product onto a grey vest top and then washed it out with soap and water before allowing it to dry. Not all of the product came out with hand washing so, I would suggest being careful with it around delicate and light coloured fabrics. Although, I did spray on more than one would probably ever accidentally get onto their clothing.

Overall, I think the product is quite good. It's best used it situations where you don't want to wash your hair till the next day or you have no other choice. The price is also very reasonable  and I originally paid £2.49 for it.

Thank you <3

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