Sunday, 31 August 2014

Guys University/ Dorm room ideas


Someone recently commented asking for advice on as a guy he should go about making his new university room home. I have scanned the internet, looked at pinterest and various affordable home furnishing websites and have a few ideas.

Bright bedding

Bright and patterned bedding can liven up a boring room and be the basis for a colour scheme.


Add some cushions

Don't be afraid to add some cushions to make things more comfortable and inviting for guests. Your bed will probably double as a sofa too anyways.  

Attractive Storage

Under the bed storage boxes are okay for things you will not be needing but, if you have any storage boxes visible make them either cloth or nice looking ones so, everything can feel more put together.

Also, I personally find really useful hanging clothes organisers, especially if I can't be bothered to put my clothes onto hangers.

Some personal touches

Most rooms are provided with pin-boards so, bring some photos from home and perhaps some appropriate posters (try not to scare people off  ;) and you can make things feel a bit more personal.  


Good luck guys, I have included all links with the pictures and thank you for reading!


  1. Thaank you :-)

    I'd personally go for a different style of duvet; but it's nice to see a other peoples ideas!

    1. Yeahh, as long as you love it and it makes the room more cheery anything goes :D